Gimme Some Lovin’!

Once again Valentine’s Day has rolled around and as usual, I will be doing my favorite thing, watching movies. This is not a list of the most “romantic” films per se, and in some cases, far from blissful ever after. Some stories are dark, twisted, philandering and salacious, others have a few bright lovey spots, but they are all about LOVE. Whether you are attached, single, conflicted, searching, being courted, celibate – whatever – you will find something perfect for your Valentine’s entertainment. David Letterman has his top 10 lists and anyone can crank out a top 5, but with my signature style I here present you with my Top 7 Valentine’s Day Films. Enjoy, and, I love you…!

Love Actually

Photo from the movie Love Actually

Yes, this also comes under my favorite Christmas movies list, but come on people! Interconnecting threads of love, infatuation, marital discord and everything else relational under the sun (they will love me for my British accent!), I can watch this again and again and am filled with happiness and hope. I am always drawn to the Colin Firth/Lucia Moniz romance and each time I watch it is feels new. Hugh Grant can come carol at my door any damn time he pleases…

Let The Right One In

Photo from the Movie Let The Right One In

Bizarre, legitimately frightening, and so Swedish, this ageless-ambiguously-gendered-vampire-falls-for-loner-boy story has moments of great tenderness while keeping you guessing. Victimization, survival and vengeance characterize this love story which is ultimately deeply satisfying.

Zack and Miri Make a Porno

Photo from the movie Zack and Miri Make a Porno

Base? Yes. Adolescent? Yes. Hilariously funny? Yes. With an assemblage of skilled comedic character actors including my beloved Craig Robinson, and ridiculous cross-over wannabe Tracie Lords, this will cover the more ludicrous portion of your Valentine’s celebration. How can you not want to watch a Star Wars themed knock off porn film called “Star Whores?”

Brokeback Mountain

Photo from Brokeback Movie

Based on a short story by Annie Proulx, with a screenplay by Larry McMurtry and directed by Ang Lee there was no way anyone was getting out of here alive, so to speak. Depicting the glory and agony of love, deceit and the undying power of connection, Gyllenhaal and Ledger reduced me to a puddle of sobbing humanity.

Same Time Next Year

Photo from movie Same Time Next Year

Can you maintain a love relationship with someone you only see once a year? That question has fascinated me from the time I saw this 1978 film which answers it with a resounding “Yes.” Upbeat and poignant, I love this story of the secret bond Alda and Burstyn share over many years, a partnership of sorts largely spared from family drama, chores and the ebb and flow or married life. I wish it were so simple…


Scene from Ghost

If you have loved someone and lost them – permanently lost them – you may share the feeling that your love keeps them alive. I have felt that and while Ghost may be maudlin and silly, it contains scenes of wonderful sensuousness, sexiness and its funny. Always a bonus in my world!

Last Tango In Paris

Photo from movie Last Tango in Paris

In sharing my huge love and attachment to this film, I choose largely to take the fifth as I fear it will lead to a bit of an over-share, and we just don’t know each other that well yet. One should see it because it’s a Bertolucci film, and because it takes place in Paris, and because its story is – well – very saucy. But really, really, its Brando. Magnificent, raw, sexy, gorgeous powerful Brando. I need not say more…

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