The game of chess is not widely considered a thrilling spectator sport. For a brief period in history though, it was. During the ‘Cold War’ between the Soviet Union and the US the nations’ battle for dominance played out on … Continue reading

EVEREST Movie Review

The eternal question posed to mountain climbers, which has become a joke in sports lexicon, is “Why?” The classic response is, “Because it’s there.” And yet…there is far more to it for those who dare and, I surmise, reasons which … Continue reading

BLACK MASS Movie Review

There is the occasional film in which one performance is greater than the whole. One element stands out starkly against all else, even with a cast of notably skilled actors. This is true of Johnny Depp’s performance as James “Whitey” … Continue reading

Cinemynx Inteviews STEVE MOUZAKIS

Actor Steve Mouszakis is one of those actors I bet you’ve seen without realizing it, more than once. But that won’t be true for much longer. In the complicated and fascinating role of Steven, he is now mesmerizing audiences with … Continue reading