Short films, especially good ones, are like a perfect filet mignon. It may not be the biggest cut but if it’s cooked with skill every ounce of it is juicy and delicious. Short film can tell a story without any distractions or filler. For that reason alone many short films are some of my most memorable film experiences. Shorts rarely get venues other than film festivals at which to be seen and that is a tragedy. BIZARRE LOVE TRIANGLE is more than a visual one liner. It is a compact, surprising take on a classic noir concept turned 21st Century. In stark black and white filmed to take advantage of the gray scale’s incredible contrast and ability to convey mood, filmmaker Tom Parkin has given us 6:16 of twist on what we think we know and have all figured out in a time-honored narrative. With shots that gradually bring us so tight we feel we can breathe the sexually infused air between partners, to a stunning night car scene which blinds and then blankets us in velvety darkness the cinematography amplifies the story perfectly and adds drama beyond the dialogue. Jake Suffian, Erin Kelly and David Coile bring to life characters we feel we know – we live next door to them, work with them, they are REAL and that is part of what makes this short work so well.

See BIZARRE LOVE TRIANGLE here…spend the $1 to support this work of art and its filmmaker. It’s cheaper and has a better kick than a shot of espresso! Enjoy…

(4 / 5)

Director: Tom Parkin
Starring: Jake Suffian, Erin Kelly, David Coile
Rating: no rating but female nuditity, violence and mature dialogue
Running Time: 6:16

Short Film Review Bizarre Love Triangle

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